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Gear Shaft Manufacturing Capabilities


As gear shaft manufacturers, Chengqu has the production line capabilities to supply OEM customers with precision machined gear shafts with a diameter of 50mm to 205mm and a length of 76mm to 915mm. Gear shafts provide the rotation that allows one gear to engage with and turn another and contain gear teeth integrated into the shaft.

A gear shaft with the gearing profiles at each end are called intersecting shaft gears. Spiral Bevel gears are examples of the gear profiles used on these types of precision made shafts.


Advantages of gear shaft manufacturing

– Gear profiles include straight bevel gears, zerol bevel gears and spiral gears.

– Designed for highly efficient motion controls and power transmitting between intersecting shafts at an angle.

– Perfect for projects that require aspeed / strength work capacity and the ability to change the angle of power flow.


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